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It has become so important for us all to reconnect and engage in creativity. Because of the world we live in today we've become so relient on technology that the only thing we are garenteed to use our hands for daily is to tap a screen. We're on our phone, or our tablets and not making much time to make with our hands.

There is a lot of psychologist and neuroscience research which proves that engagement in creative activity can significantly improve emotional wellbeing by reducing depression, stress and anxiety allowing you to experience 'Flow'.


Being in 'Flow' releases a chemical in our brain called dopemine and activates the reward centre in our brain. This is what give's us those feel good vibes and feelings of pleasure, satisfaction and happiness.

Together with this learning affects our wellbeing in lots of positive ways by exposing us to new ideas and helping us to stay curious. We also gain a massive sense of accomplishment which boost's our self-confidence.

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