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Booking Policy


Unless stated all materials for each class is provided. All you need to think about is getting to your workshop and enjoying yourself.

Cancellation Policy

We do have a no refund policy on bookings, but all is not lost!

If you are unable to attend your workshop for any reason, you can always pass your ticket onto a friend. All we ask is that you give us a heads up about the change.

We are also happy to move your space to the next available date.

In the unlikely event that we would have reason to cancel a workshop, you will the option to be refunded or you can re-schedule to the next available date if that suits you.

What if I arrive late?

We understand that in this life you cannot control everything but please try to arrive on time so the class can start promptly.

If you are very late it interrupts the class and therefore the progress of the other guests. The tutor may not be able to go back to explain area's of the workshop you've missed. For this reason it is up to the tutor to decide wheather you can still take part in that session and how much of an impact that may have on the rest of the class.

We have to be fair and consider those who arrived on time, so please be understanding. Plus you can just reschedule to come to the next available workshop date.


All payments for bookings are completed ahead of each workshop. The reason for this is so that we can prepare materials for the number of people booked on. Planning and organising a workshop can become stressful so to help aid the smooth running on the day we ask that no payments are made in cash on the day. This is so that tutors can concentrate of setup and delivering the best experience for you.

What if I'm booking a workshop through another venue?

Quite often you maybe booking a workshop through one of our partnering venues. in some cases they will manage the bookings.

You'll know that your booking through another venue because the booking link will take you to their site. All you do is follow their booking procedures. But please check the venues booking policies and procedures because they will have their own which maybe different to Kreative Pursuit's policy.

Do you need to ask a question about a booking?

Drop a message in our inbox or we can chat through insta just @kre8iveshack.

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