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We're nuts about creativity & Passionate about wellbeing.


Our soul aim is to provide communities with opportunities to experiment, explore and create by designing high quality, educational, and creative art and design experiences which encourage children, adults, families and schools to nurture imaginative and creative skills.


Providing communities with opportunities to experiment, explore and create.

Our key intentions:

Build happier communities through crafts.

Allow creative expression.

Encourage whole brain thinking.

Develop confidence to take creative risks.

Ignite creative and imaginative thinking.

Encourage participation in art and design.

Hello I'm Kre8iveshack and I gave birth to my little idea called Kreative Pursuit about 4 years ago.

I studied a BA in Printed Textiles and Surface Design many many years ago. However my passion for wellbeing drew me toward a career as a Holistic Therapist along side working as a Print Designer.

I have many years of teaching experience from working with mainstream secondary school and a school for children experiencing emotional, social and behavioral difficulties. Boy that was mentally hard work!!!

I started to do more research into the psychological benefits that a little creativity could have on our mental wellbeing. HUGE BENEFITS PEOPLE!!!

So I set myself a mission to use my skills and knowledge to help get adults, children, families, communities (basically everybody!) engaging in crafts to boost mental health by reducing stress, anxiety and increasing happiness productivity and happiness.

My workshops have a focus on having FUN, FUN and did I mention FUN!


So many of us are going through crappie stuff in our personal or work life and we need a little down time to escape these issues and pressures. I aim to create a space which drives creativity, full of kindness and compassion. Its the perfect way to spend a few hours in the day or evening, meeting new fabulous peeps without any judgement.